DC Leech - Senyo Black

Hook: TMC 2312 Size 8 (bent upward)
Thread: UTC 140 Black
Weight: .020 Non Leaded Wire
Dubbing: Black Senyo Laser Dubbing

Heading up to a lake on Sunday that has a very healthy population of Graylings, the biggest I have ever seen.  Leeches are what make these Grayling big and fat (pushing 20 inches in length).  I haven't ever really tied up too many leeches so I did a quick Google search for an easy leech pattern.

I came across a pattern by Dennis Collier

At first glance it fit what I was looking for, a realistic simple tie.  He uses Angora Goat Hair for his leeches, since I didn't have any of that in my chaos of a fly tying room, I used the next best thing, Senyo Laser Dubbing

I really like Senyo dubbing because of the long fibers and UV look it has.  It is great for Streamers and it has a natural fit for leech patterns.  So I quickly tied some up.  Let's hope it produces as well as it looks.  


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